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Marrakech Magic star quilt block – Morocco series – video tutorial

Today I learned that I probably should have called my “Morocco series” my “zellij” series. Zellij is a “style of mosaic tilework made from individually hand-chiseled tile pieces set into a plaster base”  according to Wikipedia. You can find zellij as a decorative element in many places in Morocco.  Often they’re found in historic buildings but also on fountains and on lower walls outside buildings and houses. Today’s zellij is an 8-pointed star also called ring. This ring shape can be presented in a repeated pattern or at the centre of a larger piece. I’ve called this block Marrakech Magic Star. Let’s learn how to make this block.


You can purchase the Marrakech Magic Star quilt templates from my Etsy shop. This download contains the foundation templates to make the Marrakech Magic star quilt block and mini quilt as well as a quilt colouring page. Finished block size: 12″ x 12″. The block construction is demonstrated on video only. An internet connection is required to make the block.Marrakech magic mini quilt
If interested in geometry, this is a drawing of the pattern. Source.
Or the one below. Source.
Marrakech Magic Star quilt block - Morocco series video tutorial
video tutorial


  1. I falling deeply in love with paper piecing!! This one has stolen my heart
    My plan is to start this right after I complete my star hexagon. Thanks for this lovely quilt.

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  2. Hi Theresa I have subscribed for a few months now and worked my way through a good few of your previous posts. I find your tutorials great and very easy to follow. I like this pattern and have bought the templates. I am on the committee of the Canterbury Patchwork and Quilting Guild and my responsibility is for the Block of the Month. I think this would be a great block to use but as our members only pay $1 for each block it isn’t going to be practical to pay nearly $7NZ each for it. I wondered if I could use the templates I have bought making sure I put your link on the instructions. I realise you will lose out on the cost of the patterns but on the other hand you may gain subscribers. I certainly won’t use it without your written permission as I know it would be a breach of your copyright. I hope to hear from you soon Anne Coldron Christchurch NZ

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