Cast off or bind off – easy knitting tutorial

So far we’ve learned to cast on, garter stitch and slipped stitch with garter stitch.

To get better at knitting it’s essential to practice as much as possible.

Typical issues when you start are knitting too tightly, adding stitches or dropping stitches.

With time all these issues disappear.

You can still make it easier for yourself while you’re starting out by using larger needles than required so that your piece isn’t as tight.

Also use quite plain yarn in light colours so you can see the yarn better as you knit.

And if you drop a stitch the best option at the start is to undo all the way to where you dropped your stitch and pick up your stitches from there.

Start with something small such as a scarf for a doll or for yourself in garter stitch. Once you’re confident with the stitch you’re ready to learn purl.

Let’s learn how to finish off a knitting piece in a straight line.

Now put into practice all the knitting you’ve learned so far.

Cast on some stitches on your needle. For instance 35 or 40 stitches, stretch them a bit on your needle to see if that’s the width you’d like your scarf to be.

If too wide, undo a few. If too narrow add a few more stitches.

Knit as many rows as you need for a scarf in garter stitch and when done bind off the piece as you learned above.

Abbreviations on patterns


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