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Single cast on – easy knitting tutorial

I posted a question on Facebook and Instagram about knitting, crochet and embroidery tutorials and many of you were interested in learning so this is my first knitting tutorial.

It’s aimed at the total beginner.

This week we’ll start learning a single cast on in preparation for garter stitch on the next video.

What do you think?

What about my quilting tutorials? Quilting tutorials will continue as before.

Abbreviations on patterns

Single cast on - easy knitting video tutorial


  1. I’ll follow the knitting tutorials since I haven’t tried knitting in about 30 years!!


  2. I love your quilting tutorials and am very interested in knitting. Are you thinking about patterns? I love knitting baby blankets but find it difficult to get reliable patterns. It is sketchy purchasing them online as they can be hard to read and I am happy to pay for them but would like to read them first. I am a fan of the Paton’s but would love more variety.

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  3. I surely will follow your videos for knitting. Have been a subscriber for a long time for the quilting.


  4. Teresa, I am now doing some loop knitting, but your videos are so good that I am sure it will be a pleasure to follow them . . . Thanks!!


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