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Improv paper piecing video tutorial

I’ve made a few improv projects over the years.

Do you have a lot of scraps you don’t know what to do with? Here is how you can use them.

Learn to do improv patchwork with 2 great projects

This is is just one way to do improv patchwork but quite an easy one.  You can use a piece of paper as stabiliser or nothing at all.


If you like improv patchwork, check out the projects I’ve made over the years.

Improv projects tutorials

Upcycled travel bag tutorial

Upcycled travel bag tutorial

Semi-improv 9-patch quilt

Quilt-as-you-go patchwork school bag

Urban garden iPad carry case

Improv patchwork headboard makeover

Spanish lace bobbins holder

Improv/free form quilt series

Reversible tray cover using improv piecing and embroidery

Free form patchwork mini quilt – visual creative process

Order my book Turnabout Patchwork

“Turnabout Patchwork. Simple quilts with a twist” is all about playing with blocks – making a block, slicing it up, and turning or repositioning the pieces to make a completely different block (sometimes two smaller blocks) to yield endless quilt tops.

Order Turnabout patchwork by Teresa Mairal Barreu - TeresaDownUnder

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Have you made any of my quilts or tutorials?

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  1. Just a quick note to say thank you for all the tutorials/you tube videos, etc that you provide us with…they are very helpful. You do great work!

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  2. Thought you should know that I pre ordered your new book and it arrived! I’ve looked through it and I’ve found several patterns to use this year! Your book and 2 others will be used all year. Thank you so much for a well written, fun book!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love all the tutorials! I preordered my Turnabout Patchwork, it didn’t arrive so will order another..if I end up with two I do have a friend in mind that might get a special gift!

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  4. Hi Gail, thank you for buying my book. Check with the shop you bought it from first. They should be able to tell you about the status of your order.


  5. Hi Teresa:  I was able to get a refund from Book Depository.  Sure sorry, this did not work out.  Was so looking forward.   They were very professional returning refund.  I believe it happened all in the same day. within hours of my request!!!.  Wonderful company.   I lost my discount, however, lol.  I will try to find your bookt in a local quilt store first.  Oh, has your book been distributed to stores for sale? Thanks for sharing the various tutorials of you projects , all very pretty.  …… Emma

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  6. Hi Emma

    Try your local quilt store. I don’t know which stores carry it but the publisher said that at the last quilt market in Houston they got a lot of interest from shops.

    Good luck in your search 😊


  7. Love love you videos. Sometimes it is just what I need to jumpstart my mojo. Thanks Just printed the scrappy wedding ring template and I am ready to go make some blocks now. I feel so much better than I did an hour ago when just blah overtook me. I cant wait to make some blocks and turn them into a new spring tote!

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