Happy holidays

Happy holidays and many happy quilting days in 2019 everyone!

Well, 2018 has been a quick year. Lots of things have happened including the release of my first book Turnabout Patchwork.

I have been so busy with my video tutorials, and my day job, that I almost forgot about my quilt patterns. A cog in the wheel was the only full quilt pattern I released this year.

I hope you have a good time during the holidays. But my advice is always make time for yourself and your creations.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to stop by and watch and to those who give me great encouragement.

Thank you also to those of you who purchased my patterns and book. I hope you enjoy making my quilts.

To celebrate the end of the year I’ve made a short compilation of some of the blocks I’ve made in 2018. If you missed any of them, go and find them on my YouTube channel.

Video compilation: some blocks I made in 2018

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Have you made any of my quilts or tutorials?

If you make any of my tutorials and upload pictures to Instagram please tag me with @teresadownunder on private message me in Facebook with some photos and I’ll post them for everyone to see!


  1. Teresa,
    Thank you for sharing you talent with all of us all thru the years.
    I know I really appreciate your sharing your creativity with me. I always look forward to you emails and Utube videos….AND YOUR BOOKS!
    Merry Christmas 🥰

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  2. I love your videos! No idle chit chat – just straightforward instructions. I haven’t used any yet, but plan to do one of the quilt as you go shortly.

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  3. Feliz Natal e um 2019 cheio de novidades e sucesso. Parabéns e Obrigado por compartilhar seus conhecimentos por todo ano de 2018. Que seu caminho seja sempre de Luz! Que o Amor do Menino Deus esteja sempre presente em sua Vida. Boas Festas

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  4. Hi Teresa,

    I am Nancy in Penryn, a little town in Northern California. I just recieved Turnabout Patchwork and will enjoy using the many patterns and ideas. Thank you for being the avid quilter you are. I love reading your posts and pattern ideas and have lived following you for several years.

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  5. Hi Nancy, thank for buying my book and taking the time to dash hello. I really appreciate your feedback and I hope you enjoy making the QuiltSize the book and even share some pictures of them with the quilting community. Cheers



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