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Pickle dish quilt block video tutorial

Video tutorial pickle dish quilt block

While this isn’t the easiest block out there, using paper foundation piecing makes it substantially easier.

How to make a Pickle dish block

It really pays to learn paper piecing. No block will be too hard once you know how how to paper piece.


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  1. I’d like to have a go at this for one of my forthcoming monthly block swaps. I’m not afraid of paper piecing or curved seams, and the template is the perfect size, so thank you for this!

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  2. Oh good! It was a bit tricky because of the size and also the curve being so close to the seams. But I absolutely love this block.


  3. My finished block needs to be 12 inches square, so either I’ll enlarge your template to 12 inches, or I’ll make 4 of the 6 inch size and join them. I’m very tempted to make each of the points a different fabric…

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  4. My goodness, this is mind boggling. Far away from my comfort zone or skills level, but so beautiful! I never would have thought of creating something like this. Thanks for opening my mind to other possibilities, even though I’m not skilled enough (yet) to tackle them.

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  5. The template was a great size and I’m having a blast making these. Thank you for the video tutorial! I just tagged you on Instagram for the blocks I made this weekend. 🙂

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