Video tutorial: Embellishing fabrics with embroidery

Video tutorial: Embellishing fabrics with embroidery
Over the years I’ve published a few embroidery tutorials to embellish quilts  or other items. A lot of the time I use 5 different stitches: line stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch, french knots and lazy daisy.

If you haven’t tried embroidery yet, this is your chance to learn with this short video.

Embroidery projects

I’m sure you can find a project on the list below you can put to practice.

Designer fabric embroidery – iPad slipcover with strap

Reversible tray cover using improv piecing and embroidery

Napkin embroidery

French cuisine embroidery tea towel

Embroidered spare toilet roll holder

Love is the answer… hot water bottle cozy tutorial


Embroidered eye mask tutorial

Charm squares and embroidery tote bag

Fabric keychain with embroidered flower

Embroidered hot water bottle cover


Père-Noël zigzag quilt tutorial

Sweet Christmas tray cover

Embroidered Christmas tree 

Raw edge machine appliqué

Follow me napkins

Embroidery patchwork book

In November 2016 Aimee Ray’s book Patchwork Embroidery was released with 3 of my projects in it.

I contributed these 3 items:

A lunch box

Lunch box

A tic-tac-toe board

This one is my favourite and the easiest to make of the 3.

Tic tac toe board

Australian animals baby book

Baby book

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