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Video tutorial: Snowball quilt block – beginner’s series

For 2018 I want to produce a series of videos on simple blocks for those of you starting out or thinking of starting so I can help you develop your quilting skills one block at a time.

Even if you’re not a beginner you may be able to find inspiration at the end of the video.

And while we’re not in 2018 yet, I thought it’d publish the first video in the series today as a late Christmas present from me to you.

So let’s start with Snowball.

Snowball is a very easy classic block, It’s so easy it only takes 10 minutes to make.

Snowball block is great to use with other blocks such as nine-patch blocks or just on its own. Today I’ll demonstrate the construction.

At the end you’ll find how you can use colour to make quite quite different quilt designs using just snowball blocks.

How to make an easy snowball quilt block

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Video tutorial: snowball quilt bock - beginner's series


  1. unfortunately I can not see your snowball quilt block video. I also subscribed on Youtube channel but says that the video isn’t available. Are there any problems?Please I wait your answer


  2. Love your videos, but have a question. This video directed us to sew together the cut off corners, but I didn’t see what was done with them. Are you planning a later video that shows what can be done with them? (I prefer to sew the cut-off parts prior to trimming by sewing 1/2″ out from the stitch line on the corner.)

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  3. Hi Brenda, I guess I didn’t say what to do with them. I usually use them on the back of the quilt as a feature or I collect them in a box to use later and make blocks with them for neither quilt. They an also be used when doing improv quilting.

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