acolchado half square triangle HST sampler quilt video tutorial

Make 48 half square triangles at once! Step by step video tutorial

Make 48 half square triangles at once! Step by step video tutorial

Learn how to make 48 half square triangles (HST) at once

This is a very easy technique that produces 48 accurate HST. Learn in 3 minutes:

HST size

3 1/2 inch square.

With this technique you can easily make half square triangles in any size.


2 fabric rectangles 16 inch x 24 inch each in contrasting colours.

Quilt idea

To make this mini quilt you need 36 HST.

This shows you the potential of this patchwork technique.

Make 48 HST at once


  1. Thank you. HST are truly versatile and great to work with. I can never tire of half square triangles.


  2. This is a great way to make half square triangles when you’re wanting them all the same. I have done this method before and it is fast and easy. You have the best ideas for arranging them. It’s actually endless. Keep up the good work and thanks again for a great video. Jean


  3. Again, another great video. I did this method once in a class and it was amazing! What I discovered is they were perfect and needed no trimming, except the dog ears.


  4. Before I’d start cutting large pieces of fabrics I would just do a small test with some fabric I don’t like much. To see how accurate the formula is. Then just calculate how many HST you want and do the math. Let’s assume 6 3/8 is correct. In a 42″ wide piece of fabric you Can fit a bit over 6 HST across. Now calculate how many you want to make and multiply by how many rows. For instance you want 40 HST. You’ll need 7 rows (6 x 7 = 42). Calculate how long your piece will be: 7 multiplied by 6 3/8 is a bit over 44 so your piece will be 44 x 42. Again test with a small batch first. And if the HSTs are too big they can always be trimmed to size. I hope this makes sense.


  5. Thanks Teresa for this. I’m planning a quilt with lots and lots of small HST and plenty of white space, so 48 at a time will be brilliant.

    Have you seen the tip about trimming HST? Before you open them you line up the seam line of the triangle with the desired finished size of HST marked diagonally on your ruler, then trim. Cuts trimming time in half as you’re doing both sides at once. explains it much better than I can, with pictures too!

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  6. Hi, thank you for the tip. I’ve tried the trimming technique with the closed hst but somehow I didn’t get the accuracy that I get when I trim the hst open. Possibly because my sewing is not very accurate to start with. I should give it another go though.


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