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Video tutorial: Machine quilt binding

Video tutorial: machine quilt binding

Selecting the pattern and fabrics and piecing are my favourite steps in the making of a quilt. Quilting and binding are almost like chores to me. That’s why I try to make them in the least painful way.

Binding a quilt by machine is quick and easy. Here’s the tutorial.

How to sew the quilt binding by machine

Learn in 3 minutes with this easy tutorial:

Video tutorial: Machine quilt binding

The binding on the video has a flange or faux piping. I have started to use a flange on all my quilts because it is so nice.

Learn to make a binding strip with a flange

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  1. I just bound a baby quilt–and hand-slip-stitched it to the backing. I wish I had seen this three weeks ago. Thank you–I’ll try it this way next time. I like the “piping” effect of the double-binding.


  2. I haven’t gone back to finishing my quilts by hand after trying this method. And Iove the faux piping effect.


  3. Thanks for this but really thank you for the binding with the flange. LOVE it. Showed it to my cottage group (Carmel Valley, California) and they also loved it. Two of us used it on quilts we entered in a show. Love your web site, keep up the good work.

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  4. Liz, thank you very much for your kind words. I’m happy you like the flange. I loved it when I came across it and I’ve used it on my quilts ever since.


  5. Hi Teresa,

    I’m following from awhile and love some of your articles, I’m a clothing upcycler and make mainly clothes, but some techniques I use come from other areas. Your blog is great!
    I like how you ditch stitch the binding and the double-colour look of it. I can use it to bind clothing! Lovely!

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas!!!

    Cheers from Perth, Western Australia,


  6. Hi Mariana. Thank you for your kind words. I love faux piping too and it’ll great on clothing.


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