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Road to Tennessee quilt block – a world of possibilities

Road to Tennessee block - modern quilts

Road to Tennessee is a beginner block you can make in a couple of minutes.

How to make Road to Tennessee block

The block is simple but the quilts don’t need to be boring. Have a look at some of the quilt designs you can make with this quick and easy block.


For one block cut:

  • One 5 inch square
  • Two 2 3/4 inch squares in white

Finished block

5 inch square

9 patch blocks

16 patch blocks

Quilt layouts with the 16 patch blocks above

Quilt designs with 9 patch blocks

Road to Tennessee quilt block tutorial
Road to Tennessee block - modern quilts

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  1. The enormous variations of this block are mind blowing. I cannot wait to try this. Definately my next project. Love your tutorials. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

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  2. Really creative layouts! If you also sew 1/2″ towards the corner of your 2 3/4″ square then trim halfway(leaving 1/4″ allowance each) you can have a bunch of small half triangle square blocks to make a mini quilt.

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