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Jane A. Stickle Quilt block 1: JAS-A01 – Pinwheel Gone Awry

Today I start a new “epic” quilt.

I finished Farmer’s wife quilt sampler a few months back and I liked it so much that here I am again starting another quilt. FWQS took me almost 3 years to make on and off and Dear Jane looks like it is a harder quilt so who knows. I’ll just take it a block at a time.

I’m making this quilt using foundation piecing mostly. Susan Gatewood generously has made all the blocks available for paper piecing.

I think paper piecing is the way to go with such complex and small blocks.

I started with block number 1: JAS-A01.

According to Susan this block is rated “Easy” and easy it is but also time consuming. I has 32 pieces.

I’m hoping that as I get better at paper piecing I will be able to piece blocks more quickly than this one. I didn’t time how long it took but it must have taken no less than 3 hours.

I’m happy with the result though the top corners are not matching. With paper piecing is easier to piece more accurately particularly if using smaller pieces.

The only drawback is fabric waste. Please leave a comment if you know how to reduce fabric waste when paper piecing.

If you’re making this quilt and you have any advice to offer feel free to post a comment.

Making the block

I printed the page making sure that I was printed at 100%. This is important because I have found that not all printers print accurately.

Then I cut all the pieces as per photo below.

Next step is folding along the seam line.

Then cut a piece of fabric that covers triangle A1 plus at least over 1/4 inch all the way around. Place over the piece to cover and pin. Note that the piece of fabric is pinned to the back of the paper.

Now this is when the previous fold becomes handy. Fold the piece back as per picture and trim the fabric leaving 1/4 inch allowance. See photo below.

Now, with right sides facing together, place the next piece of fabric. Align both pieces well at the edges.

Stitch from the front including through the seam allowances.

Do all pieces in the same way and then place them as per pattern and stitch in twos.

Make the inside square and then attach the corners. Use the pattern as a guide.

And the block is done. My block is 5 in square.

Where to get the Jane A. Stickle Quilt  patterns

Susan Gatewood’s paper foundation . All patterns are free though Susan says “I only ask that you consider making a donation to the Bennington Museum, in Bennington, Vermont.  And if you do, it would make me tremendously happy if you would tell them that you have received help from me.” I totally recommend Susan’s patterns as they are very easy to use.

See all blocks I’ve done together.

How to do foundation paper piecing

You can learn the principles of foundation piecing on this 2 minute video. These principles can be applied to any foundation piecing blocks no matter how complex they are.


  1. Good luck, Theresa– YOU are epic and I will be watching with pleasure. You encouraged me to buy the Farmers Wife quilt and so far I have four easy blocks done– I bought a fat quarter set of “Somerset” fabrics so the blocks would all have some continuity. I just started doing some paper piecing, too– this is obsessive, but I notice if you stitch just a hair to the right of the lines, you get better points– the fabric just needs a tiny space to turn around the seam. Try it! Best wishes from Up Top. (Cape Cod) ❤


  2. I think I will join you. I had this one my “To Do” now I think I will pull out my book again and join you. I was feeling discouraged but with you sharing your experience I might be able to find the courage.


  3. Thank you for your tip Carol. It makes a lot of sensewhen you think about it. Thankyou everyone for your encouragment. I will need it! Keep me posted on your progress with the quilt.


  4. I think I might join you Teresa and others – having thought of that quilt for years. It could be fun to follow along. Thanks. But christmas must be done, before I start. Pia in Denmark


  5. Lucky for me, I was fortunate to be able to take a workshop with Carol Doak many years ago early in her career. She made paper piecing easy for me. A few years later I joined a “Janiac” group in which I participated for over a year. During that time I completed 70+ blocks then “life” kinda got in my way and “Jane” was moved to a back burner. Everything was well organized and put away ready to be worked on again some time. Well, a shop I go to has restarted their UFO group and I have joined in with a promise to myself to at least complete all the squares. It will be a challenge because there are many other in-the-works also calling to me. Many of the blocks left to be done will be best accomplished using paper piecing so here I go. For the next UFO meeting I need to complete one whole row. I accomplished that this past week-end and feel pretty good about it. Now, on to the next row. Take out the Dear Jane EQ software and get some more blocks done so more rows can be finished! Tally Ho!

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