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Block 2: waves – Textured 4-patch quilt

Close up

Block type: 4-patch

Block size: 10 1/2 inches

Colour scheme: reds, greens and neutrals

Texture/fabric manipulation: waves


  • 4 pale green 5 in x 1 1/2 in strips
  • 1 gingham 1 1/2 in square
  • 3 gingham 5 in squares
  • 1 cream 5 in square
  • 4 cream 1 1/2 in x 14 in strips with machine overcast finish on one edge

Strips with overcast finish

Making the  waves

First try out a placement for the strips in a wavy fashion.

Place them over the cream square.

Adjust them to cover the raw edge of the previous strip.

Try to cover the whole square.

When you like the placement, remove all strips and place one by one using pins and stitch to the background fabric.

You will need to lift different parts of the strip in order to stitch each strip to the fabric.

The first strip has been stitched.

Do the same with the second one.

Continue to add strips until you use them all and the square is covered.

The square is covered.

Trim to 5 inches.

Place the different pieces as per picture and stitch together.

The second block is done.

Textured 4-patch quilt tutorial

This quilt has 16 x 10 1/2 in blocks.

Each block is a 4-patch block in greens and reds. The fabric manipulation is made in a cream fabric.

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  1. Hi Theresa. I love your Farmers Wife Quilt. I’ve signed up to make FWQ from autumn and I’d really like to use fabrics like the ones you’ve used in Hovering Hawks, Peaceful Hours, Basket Weave and Basket. Could you give me an idea of brand name/supplier? Many thanks.


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