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Semi improv 9-patch quilt tutorial – cutting the blocks – blocks 1 and 7

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So far we have made 6 traditional wrench or churn daisy blocks.

For the next few posts, each post will have the cutting instructions that will make for 2 “inverted” blocks out of one traditional block so we will end up with 12 blocks.

When referring to blocks numbering is from 1 to 6 for the starting block and from 7 to 12 for the inverted block that result from the cutting and rearranging.

I’ll be suggesting you cut the blocks in a particular way but feel free to modify the cutting lines to your liking.

The first random cut is the first improv patchwork iteration.

After putting the blocks back together the sides will be uneven but we’ll fix that later.


  • One 12 1/2 in square in the background fabric
  • Block 1

Cutting the blocks

Block 1

Place the 12 1/2 in square background fabric square on the mat and the first block you made on top.

Align all sides well.

Now make 2 cuts as per diagram above.

After cutting rearrange pieces to obtain the first block as per diagram above.

After rearranging, stitch all pieces together.

This is done for now.

Put it aside.

Block 7

Arrange the other pieces to produce the block below and stitch together.

This is done for now.

Put the block aside.

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