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Embroidered “Eveil” pillow case

The objective of this project is creating a matching pillowcase for a duvet cover.

This is the original plain pillowcase and the duvet cover.

This is a wider shot of the duvet cover print.

Design 1.

Design 2.

Design 3.

How I did this

I drew the flowers as a series of lines I would be embroidering and some dots for the centre.

The small flower is going to be embroidered with long and short stitch. No lines here, only the outline.

And again, I drew some lines for the petals and a stem.

Stitches used

For the petals and centre

  • Chain stitch
  • Stem stitch
  • Running stitch
  • French knots

For the stem

  • Blanket stitch

For the small flower

  • Long and short satin stitch
  • Running stitch for the outlines


  • Stranded cotton in variegated blue, plain blues and some mauve

Detailed photos of the embroidery


  1. Your embroidery is beautiful, I never thought to copy a design or do my own on pillow cases, it is a great idea.


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