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Patchwork name bunting with charm squares tutorial


  • 4 charm squares for each letter*
  • strip of fabric 1 1/2 yard long x 1 1/2 inches (for a 5 letter name, adjust for longer names adding 11 1/2 inches per extra letter
  • light fusible interfacing
  • fabric for the triangles back
  • variegated thread
  • contrast fabric for the letters
  • Heat’n Bond double sided fusible interfacing for the letters

* Triangles are cut on the centre of the square. Additional triangles can be stitched using the cuttings from 2 squares. I made 2 bunting with 5 letters each using 20 charm squares.

Place the charm square together.

Stitch together.

Iron with seams open.

Cut into triangles:

  • Base of triangle is 8 1/2 (4 1/4 each side of the seam)
  • Height of triangle is 9 1/2 inches

Keep each side of the triangle after cutting to make additional triangles. Pin through the middle, stitch and iron with the seams open.


Pick a thick font and print. Outline, with the letters from the reverse, on Heat’n Bond interface and iron to the back of the fabric. Cut letters out.

Iron on each triangle according to instructions.

Cut light fusible interfacing the same size as the triangles and iron to the back. The interfacing will act also as stabiliser for the appliqued letters


Stitch around each letter using a variegated thread using the stitch of choice. I used blanket stitch.

Back of the triangles

Cut a triangle in some matching fabric the same size as the front triangle.

Stitch front and back right sides together.

Trim the pointy end of the triangle before turning inside out.

Turn inside out and push the corner out with a pointy blunt instrument.

Iron well.

Trim the top of each triangle.

Top stitch around the sides of the triangle, excluding the top, leaving 1/4 seam allowance.

Fold the strip of fabric by 1/2 inch on each side and iron. Then fold again and iron.

Fold the strip in half and place the middle triangle on the line aligned with the central seam. Pin in place. Pin all triangles in place leaving a 3 inch gap between them. Stitch with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

To hang, fold the strip sides by 1 1/2 inch and stitch to make a loop for hanging on a hook.


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