Based on crazy mom’s quilt-a-long.

7 thoughts on “Quilt-a-long”

  1. The quilt has no borders at the moment. I should have taken the photo on a white background instead of over another quilt. As it is it looks like it’s got sashing and borders I know.


  2. Teresa; Your blocks are wonderful, as you can see, the quilt underneath is darker toned and highlights the blocks beautifully, so If It Was Me ;-), I would look toward a deeper TOT (Tone on Tone) simple sashing and first border, then put a “Piano Keys” border incorporating some of the leftover fabrics from the blocks and some new fabrics. It would be easy to just cut a few 2.5″ X 4″ recs from a lot of different fabrics to add in to the leftovers. Just my opinion. Anne


  3. Definitely needs sashing and border (at least a stop border) of a darker, less busy fabric. If you are needing to make it bedsize, you could add triple sashing, with white TOT on the outsides, then a darker center strip, with small 9-patches as cornerstones. Then add the piano key border, and it would be smashing. Being a LA quilter, I would add a small plain border on the very outside out of fabric cut on the lengthwise grain of the fabric. Borders don’t stretch when quilted if they are done that way. http://tinyurl.com/yjmqcq6 is a picture of triple sashing.


  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I was going to use white TOT for the sashing but you´ve convinced me a deeper tone will work best. I like the triple sashing idea too because I wanted to make a bedsize quilt. That could work quite nicely. And I´ve got plenty of scraps for a piano keys border.


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