free-motion log cabin quilting stipple quilt stippling

Finished stipple quilted cushions

Finally I’ve finished the Heather Bailey cushions.

For the quilting I used free-motion stipple quilting.

I followed Put a Zipper in Your Pillow Tutorial to add a zipper to the back of the cushions.

I found it was useful watching a video showing the stipple quilting technique. I didn’t use gloves but for larger pieces I can see the value in using gloves with rubber tips.


  1. Thank you!

    There’re actually 3 pillows, the photo shows front and back.

    Let’s say 8 hours each for patchwork, stipple quilting and adding a zipper. I’d done very little stipple quilting before and had never added a zipper so it was a slow process for me. If you’re more experienced then it may not take that long.

    I did them over a few weekends but I only spent a few hours a day.

    The most time consuming thing is the stipple quilting. I used the tight variety for these and since I didn’t have a lot of experience I did them slowly so it took quite a while. I’m finishing a matching quilt and I used a stipple quilting in the loose variety (like shown on the video) and that’s faster.

    When I stipple quilted these cushions I didn’t realise I was doing the tight variety, I just did what I could really. It was only later when I looked for more information on it that I realised I could make the squiggly lines wider so the final quilt wouldn’t be so stiff either. The stiffness is nice in the cushions but I think in a quilt you’d want it to be more supple.


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