Dear Jane progress

I’m doing this quilt using foundation paper piecing.

How to do foundation paper piecing

You can learn the principles of foundation piecing on this 2 minute video. These principles can be applied to any foundation piecing blocks no matter how complex they are.












Left 1

Top 1

Bottom 1

Right 1












Right corner triangle

Triangle 2, top row

Triangle 2 bottom row

Triangle 2 left side

Triangle 2 right side




 Jane A. Stickle Quilt row C: JAS-C06 - Ashley's Aura


DEar Jane C07 block video tutorial JAS-C07


  1. Hi, I wasn’t able to find the original virtual design wall anywhere. The site where I was referred to wasn’t there anymore so I just got some generated grid paper in pdf and cut it to the right size.


  2. Me encantan tus trabajos. Simplemente me topé con tu blog y quería decir que realmente he disfrutado navegar por tus entradas del blog. Después de todo voy a estar inscribo en tu feed y espero escribir de nuevo muy pronto!. Pasate por mi blog, te estare esperando tus comentarios son muy importantes para mi.

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  3. I found your blog through a link from another site. I’m thrilled that I did. I have more than enough kits to last more than my lifetime. Yet, I’m always finding new things in which I fall in love. I’m interested in your new book. It’s the end of the year, I was just in the hospital with a huge co-pay, Christmas, and year-end taxes. So, hopefully I’ll soon find my way from under the pile of some unexpected and forgotten expenses and be able to order your book. I did download your paper pieced wedding ring pattern for scraps. That’s exciting! I already have some quilts that I want to make for some fellow widows that I want to make scrappy and use mostly their favorite colors as the main color in each quilt. I found your Dear Jane progress. A few years ago, I bought a Dear Jane BOM blue quilt. I opened one of the first months. Of course, I had purchased the book and I even bought the software (I was a computer programmer, system tester and website tester before illness caused my early retirement). Thus, I was excited about having the patterns to print. I am very detail oriented. When I opened the month’s package, it contained along with the fabric, some copied suggestions for that month’s blocks. The instructions might have been helpful EXCEPT that the grammar was horrible. Havings been a minor in one foreign language and my mother was an English and a foreign language teacher who did not accept incorrect grammar in the home, I was appalled. My mother was not only my one of my foreign language teachers in high school but also one of my math teachers. She was one who did not let a mistake in a problem go unnoticed in any step of a a math problem even if you got the answer correct. If you accidently made a mistake in a step and then somehow corrected it in the next, it was a deduction for the mistake because it was not a perfect paper. That is partially where I learned my perfectionism. My brothers did not learn the same perfectionsim. They were able to accept the mistake and go on where I strove for the 100% and it has cost me dearly. I certainly tried not to expect that from my children. Then my first husband expected me to live up to HIS standards. Anyhow, I was so upset with the horrible (by my standards) of the instructions, that I put the entire package back in the envelope and put them and the rest of the months in a box as they arrived. They have been there for years now. I have the entire kit for the front of the quilt in blues. I think it might be time for me to start on the quilt and focus on doing the best that I can and accept that I cannot do the quilt perfectly or as well as many ladies (and men) have. I just got my eyes examine earlier this month and got Rx for doing close work. I’ll have my regular bifocals for machine work and my readers for hand work. I was thinking more of getting back to cross stitching. You have a remarkable start on your Dear Jane quilt and your work is beautiful and I encourage you to continue on your quilt, too

    I live in the US in the great state of Oklahoma. Thank you for blogging and sharing your love of quilting with the quilt world.

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  4. Thank you Susan. It’d be a pity not to do your Dear Jane. Nobody is perfect, certainly I’m not. I heard about the three feet rule of quilting recently and I totally subscribe to it. It goes as this, If you can’t see the mistake in a quilt from 3 feet away then it’s a pass 😂😂. I totally recommend you apply this rule to your quilting for a happy experience. It’s all about having fun! Have a great day!


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