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  1. Dear Teresa,
    I wanted to write you to tell you that your ideas are amazing and your videos are very professional. I like the patterns, fabric selections, tips, music and the fast pace etc…
    However, I can barely make it through your videos because I’m so worried that you are going to cut yourself. The cutting techniques you employ are just not safe. I’m sure they work fine for you as you are so experienced at what you do. However, you have people watching your content that maybe brand new to quilting. If one employs a rotary cutter the way you do as a novice they could get seriously injured.
    Perhaps you should invest in a cutting mat that’s like a turntable so you can turn the fabric towards the correct angle to be able to use proper rotary cutting techniques. At minimum you should put a disclaimer and illustrate proper use of a rotary cutter.
    Worried Fan

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