Exciting announcement: Join my Patreon for exclusive quilting benefits!

Hey there, fellow quilting enthusiasts!

I am beyond thrilled to share some incredible news with you all.

I’ve just officially launched my very own Patreon page!

This platform allows me to connect more closely with you, my amazing community, and provide exclusive content and rewards that will take your quilting journey to new heights.

Let’s dive into the exciting benefits of each tier:

Tier 1 – USD 3/month: Four patch

  • Get ready for a weekly dose of inspiration! You’ll have access to one exclusive video tutorial every week, where I’ll share my favorite tips, techniques, and insights to help you create stunning quilts.
  • As an added bonus, you’ll have the privilege of downloading the templates that feature in my new video tutorials, which I also sell through Etsy, absolutely free! So, you can follow along with ease and bring your quilting projects to life.
  • Wait, there’s more! Enjoy a fantastic 10% discount on any purchases you make from my Etsy shop.

Tier 2 – USD 5/month: Nine patch

  • Embrace the joy of quilting with even more exclusive content. As a Quilt Lover, you’ll gain access to one exclusive weekly video tutorial, just like in Tier 1.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive a free yearly Quilt Along (QAL) pattern. Join me and other passionate quilters as we embark on a creative journey together!
  • As a special treat, enjoy a generous 20% discount on any purchases you make from my Etsy shop. It’s my way of saying thank you for your continued support.

Tier 3 – USD 8/month: Sixteen patch

  • Get ready for the ultimate quilting experience! In addition to the benefits of Tiers 1 and 2, as a Sixteen patch, you’ll receive a brand new small quilt pattern every month. Imagine the possibilities as you create stunning quilts with these exclusive patterns.
  • Take your quilting skills to the next level with personalized feedback on your quilting projects. I’ll provide guidance, suggestions, and support to help you refine your techniques and achieve your quilting goals.
  • Of course, the 20% discount on purchases from my Etsy shop is still there to spoil you with savings.

Are you as excited as I am about the possibilities that await us on this quilting adventure? Joining my Patreon not only grants you access to exclusive content but also allows me to continue creating high-quality tutorials, designing unique patterns, and supporting you on your quilting journey.

Head over to my Patreon page and choose the tier that resonates with you. Your support means the world to me, and I am grateful for every single one of you.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible quilting community. Let’s stitch together, create amazing quilts, and inspire one another to reach new heights of creativity!

Happy quilting!


This week on Patreon…

This and the other monthly benefits will be available tomorrow from 1pm UTC, the usual time I release my Saturday tutorials. Not on Patreon? You can still buy the Spiderweb templates.

Support me on Patreon


  1. Just so that people are aware, I signed up as living in Canada, and when the exchange came through, the subscription went up a dollar [$12 Canadian is $9 US on my card, I have a US credit card, but it charged me CDN anyway and then converted]. So PayPal is charging to make money on exchange, whether or not they need to make the conversion to US$ [again, my card is a US credit card, but I live in Canada right now]. I want to be part of this Patreon anyway, but be aware that PayPal will grab extra from you!

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  2. Congratulations Teresa, wishing you great success in your new endeavour……..well deserved! Warm wishes, Cheers, Elizabeth

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