disappearing nine patch nine patch patchwork quilting tutorial video tutorial

Video tutorials: disappearing 9 patch blocks

Video tutorial: learn to make 4 disappearing 9-patch blocks in 3 minutes

Learn to make 4 different types of disappearing 9-patch blocks in just 3 minutes.

Start with nine 5″ squares and then follow the tutorial. Some blocks need two 9-patch blocks so that pieces can be swapped around.

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  1. Yes, I am in the process of making one of your quilt tutorials and I am so pleased with the progress so far. I will send you a pic when its finished as I am sure you will love it. thank you so much for your tutorials, I have saved every one that I have received. Ria xx

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  2. Theresa I love the variations on the disappearing 9 patch and can ‘t wait to try them. I made the original for my granddaughter it is a double. If I can figure out how to send it I will sen you a ohoto

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  3. Teresa, these are so clever. You are so talented. I am fairly new to quilting. I do it all by hand as I have no sewing machine. Please, will you share advice about the disappearing 9-patch variation that uses two blocks cut on both diagonals? (1) Can you give me any insights into best strategies if I want to use fewer colors/patterns in the cloth for a more uniform and less scrappy look? Where is it best to place the solids and the designs of the 5-inch cut squares? I notice the polka dots come together in your example, and I see how that works. But if I want to use fewer colors, will that work best and look nice? (2) Will these blocks look good with sashes of a light or dark fabric around each, or should the blocks be sewn directly to blocks? Any other tips you can share would greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  4. Because the block pieces are swapped, the best way is to have 2 blocks in 2 coordinated colours with the same background fabric. One has the darkest pieces in the corners and the other in the middle making a cross. Get a piece of paper and some crayons, draw your blocks and then start colouring and you can see how it would work with fewer colours. I hope this helps.


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