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Video tutorial: Diamond quilt block – quick and easy quilting

Video tutorial: Diamond quilt block - quick and easy quilting

This block starts with two 9 inch squares.

How to make a quick and easy Diamond quilt block

Learn how to make a half pinwheels and bows block in  2 minutes:


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Materials for one Diamond quilt block

  • Two 9 inch squares in contrasting fabrics

Block size

The finished block is 10 1/2 inches square.



  1. Awesome, very much enjoy your tutorials! When you show the multiples, could you tell us how many squares you used? I am thinking of a couple others I watched. Thanks, great job, you make it so easy!


  2. You can work that out buy looking at the design you like. Each pair of squares makes 4 small print squares, 4 background squares and 8 half square triangles. Or just cut the blocks you need for ach design. For instance for one actual diamond you need 4 block, that is 8 squares of each type. I hope this helps.


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