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Video tutorial: Kaleidoscope quilt block – quick and easy quilting

Video tutorial: Kaleidoscope quilt block - quick and easy quilting

This block starts as two 9 inch squares of contrasting fabrics.

How to make a quick and easy Kaleidoscope quilt block

Learn how to make a half pinwheels and bows block in  over 2 minutes:

Materials for one Kaleidoscope quilt block

  • Two 9 inch squares in contrasting fabrics

This technique produces lots of bias seams. Starching your fabric may help avoid stretching the fabric.

Block size

The finished block is 10 1/2 inches square.

When you make the tutorial 4 times you get this kaleidoscope looking mini quil


  1. I removed them
    If you need the totals I will put in
    You will just need to put in the number sent to Thea

    Cynthia (Balin) Rust, RN MSN


  2. Do each of the floral fabrics need to be cut out in the same area of the fabric to make it a kaleidoscope? In other words I need to stack my fabric and cut them all alike? Hope you understand what I’m trying to ask


  3. That’s a good question and yes is the answer. If you want your block to look more like a kaleidoscope then fussy cut or stack the fabric and cut it on the same repeat. If you use a medium to large print the kaleidoscope will show better too. I hope this helps.


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