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Video tutorial: English paper piecing hexagons

English paper piecing (EPP) hexagons

English paper piecing (EPP) is easy to make and a lot quicker than you would expect.

How to make a scrappy flower hexagon quilt


You can download the hexagon template (google doc). Print the required size (there are 4 sizes on the template, mine is 1 inch hexagon) on thick or plain paper and cut – I use plain printer paper.

There are 20 hexagons per A4 sheet so print a few copies and cut a bunch of hexies in advance.

An important point to make: Before printing make sure you’re printing at 100% to avoid surprises.

Materials for a flower

  • Seven 2 1/2 inch squares of fabric: one for the centre and 6 for the petals
  • Hexagon template
  • Cotton thread

My scrappy flower hexagon quilt

My quilt is already over three years in the making.

I work on it when I’m watching TV or while on holidays away from my sewing machine.

I’ve calculated the number of 1 inch hexagons I need to cover 100 in square and the figure is a whooping 3815. That is about 545 hexagon flowers at 7 hexies per flower. I have made about 408 flowers so far. So that leaves 136 more flowers to go!




  1. You could say that it’s a bit meditative. What I do though is doing them while watching TV, or travelling, or when you have nothing else to do. They’re actually great when travelling or while on holidays away from home.


  2. Thank you for demonstrating the sewing of the center hex. I’ve never seen that before in any tutorial I’ve watched, and now it looks simple enough for me to give this project a try. Think I’ll use solid color hexies for the centers and prints of that solid color for the rest of the flower. ❤

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  3. Fantastic video, very simple to follow. I. Just started to make hexagons and now I know how to join them. Only one question………when and how do you get the paper out.

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  4. I leave the paper in until all the hexagona have been sewn together into a quilt top. The paper makes it easier to sew the pieces together.


  5. If you are putting another round of hexies, do you sew it together as you did the first and then join as you joined to the center? Really like this method of sewing the center. And, as you would guess, I’m new to EPP!

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  6. It depends on the shape. I think there’s no right or wrong but whatever works better for you. Try different things.


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