disappearing nine patch nine patch patchwork quilting tutorial

Video tutorial: disappearing 9 patch block

Disappearing 9 patch quilt tutorial. Quick and easy quilt

The block below is a finished disappearing 9-patch block.

And another block from the same quilt.

This block looks deceptively hard to make, but it’s not.

How to make a disappearing 9-patch block

Materials for one block

Cut nine 5 inch squares for the 9 patch block.

This quilt can be made scrappy or in coordinated colours.

Use highly contrasting fabrics for better more defined results.

To make this block really quickly, use 5 inch charm squares. In fact the block below is made with charm squares.

Do you want to make this block into a quilt?

I made a disappearing nine patch quilt using this block a few years ago. I used charm squares for it.

Make an interesting back for your quilt and it can be reversible.


  1. No matter how well I cut and sew my 5′ squares together, once they are done I find I have to square up the block and trying to do that keeping the middle square true is difficult. Any suggestions??

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  2. This type of technique doesn’t produce the most accurate blocks all the time but once you sew your blocks together it won’t be visible. But to improve accuracy you can starch your fabrics. That should help. Also check that your seams are consistent. I hope this helps.


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