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Jane A. Stickle Quilt block 13: JAS-A13 – Starlight Starbright

This block has its pros and cons.


  • small number of pieces
  • relatively large pieces
  • foundation piecing


  • Y seams

The cons list is short but if you don’t know how to handle Y seams and I’m quite new to them.

After you cut your pieces and you stitch the middle strip and outside strips the fun begins.

I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t feel like I could teach anyone a lesson on how to do Y seams. I first stitched all the centre pieces together which had no difficulty.

Then I stitch the straight base of the tiny triangle to the centre piece. Make sure it is well aligned with the white piece. And then I stitched the first long slanted white side to the brown piece in the middle.

Now, when you do this, you will end up with 4 open white corners.

So I just stitched each of them next. I don’t know if there are any better ways to do this. I find it quite cumbersome to do this and you need to pay attention you don’t stitch through any other fabric that joins the corner.

I find that my Y seam pieces need to be pressed into submission sometimes but that’s ok. I dont’ think you can see that in the final block.

Where to get the Jane A. Stickle Quilt patterns

Susan Gatewood’s paper foundation . All patterns are free though Susan says “I only ask that you consider making a donation to the Bennington Museum, in Bennington, Vermont. And if you do, it would make me tremendously happy if you would tell them that you have received help from me.” I totally recommend Susan’s patterns as they are very easy to use.

Virtual quilt

See all blocks I’ve done together in a larger size.


  1. First row down and it looks amazing! You have a nice red, reddish brown thing going on when you look at them all together. Will you rearrange them at all? Or stick with the chronological order?


  2. I’ve just finished a Y seam block for a different sampler today but I didn’t make a great job of it. Your block looks so much more complicated than mine. Well done!


  3. Thank you! Paper piecing and a bit of luck makes all the difference. Carol I’m going to continue doing them in chronological order. I’m trying to use toned down colours from my stash. I’m hoping the colours will look harmonious.


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