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Top 10 favourites – Farmer’s wife quilt sampler

What are my favourite blocks? This is a difficult choice because I like many of the blocks in this quilt.

I like them for various reasons such as the block design, the fabrics I used or the colour scheme. Which ones are your favourite blocks? Here is my selection:

Peaceful Hours


Waste Not

Attic Windows

Garden Path

Noon & Light

Flower Basket

Flower Pot



More information about how I am making this quilt.



  1. Dear Teresa, Beautiful! I couldn’t choose. Do you have a longarm? If not, you might be interested in my machine quilting method. My method does not require any bias tape between sections or other “giveaways” that show the finished quilt was done section-by-section. I assemble and sew the entire backing. Then for the pieced top, I assemble the blocks in sections. For example on a queen sized strippy quilt I had three vertical sections, plus the wide top and bottom borders. On a recent wholecloth quilt with applique, I pieced the backing instead, and again quilted it section by section. I cut batting the size of the center panel, plus 2″ on all sides. I pin baste the top and batting to its proper place in the center of the backing. I roll up the excess backing (a thin roll). I free motion machine quilt this section, staying 1/2″ to 1″ away from the edges. For a sampler quilt such as yours, I would recommend quilting each block differently. I use Golden Threads paper for marking, and machine quilt right through it, then tear it away afterwards. Going on to the next section, I begin by sewing the next pieced section to the center quilted section, right sides together, with the usual 1/4″ seam allowance. I cut the next section of batting and baste it in place with a long herringbone stitch. I pin baste the layers together and machine quilt. Simply repeat for each section. You are always quilting an edge, never cramming half of a queen quilt under the machine arm. Happy quilting!

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  2. Hi carol, thank you for sharing. I’m always looking for easier better ways to do stuff. Do uou have a video on your method or pictures? I’m not quite spure I get it.



    I don’t know if your request for a video has been responded to. This is a similar method to the one mentioned by Carol Woosley. I think that Carol starts in the centre and quilts that section, then adds the two final thirds to the quilt alternately.

    I’ve tried the method from Candied Fabrics and it it easy. There is a very good video tutorial which explains the process. The difference is that the quilt starts from the left and columns are added to the right each time. Hope this helps.

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  4. Hi Heidi, thanks for the tutorial. Having started to do qayg with sashing for my Dear Jane, I think I could use the method explained by Carol and on that video as well. Thanks for the tip!


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