acolchado fabric scraps project farmer's wife quilt sampler free-motion FWQS patchwork quilting

Farmer’s wife sampler quilt – blocks 83 to 87

I have so far completed around 87 blocks of the Farmer’s wife quilt sampler.

More information about how I am making this quilt.

View all the blocks I have done so far.

Spider Web


Square Dance

Squash Blossom

Star Gardener


  1. Love your blocks! I have really enjoyed following your progress, but don’t need to start another quilt right now so trying to resist following too many links! LOL the Star gardener block is amazing– everyone in US.. here is really focused on not wasting fabric— scrap quilts are really “in” right now.


  2. Thanks Carol. Star gardener was easy but estremely time consuming. I must admit blocks with many tiny pieces aren’t my favourite to make though when finished they’re quite pretty.


  3. If you want to have a nice colour harmony in your fabrics and you don’t know how to achieve, have a look at a colour wheel and choose complimentary colours such as red and green, yellow and violet or blue and orange. Check the link and then when you choose your fabrics combine the overall colours on opposite sides of the wheel if you know what I mean


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