Summer sewing projects – quilts with a difference

Do you want to do some different this summer?

Textured quilt sampler

This quilt has 25 different fabric manipulations techniques, one per block.

Semi-improv 9-patch quilt tutorial

If you are not quite ready to move into improv patchwork, this quilt may be for you. Based on traditional blocks each block is done in 3 steps which makes this quilt quite unique and improvisional.

Improv/free form quilt series

More of an improv quilt in that nothing much was planned before I made each block. I started with a vague idea of the colours and the effect I wanted to achieve and the rest followed.


  1. you are so generous with your tutorials. I have the textured sampler bookmarked but have had no time to try it. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. I have wanted to make a textured wall hanging for a long time, so this tutorial is fantastic, have already tried a few of the blocks and thoroughly enjoying doing them.
    Thank you for your generosity. Jan Pearson


  3. You are amazing! I am not a “big” quilt maker – more of a tiny project gal but I love the idea of making a series of small quilts each based upon this series of tutorials. I really, really do want to make one of each. And coming from a “not-quilter” that is a huge compliment because you make me want to quilt!!


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