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Groovy heart potholder

This fabric manipulation is one I left out of my Textured quilt sampler series of tutorials.

Here is a closeup that shows both layers of fabric that have been cut.


  • fabric scraps in reds and pinks
  • batting


Heart shape: Love is the answer whatever the question appliqué (pdf). I’m reusing the heart pattern from “Love is the answer” hot water bottle tutorial.


  • One 10 inch backing fabric square
  • One 8 inch fabric square for the appliqué
  • Three 7 3/4 inch fabric squares for the texture and background fabric
  • One 8 1/4 inch  batting square

Place the backing fabric on the mat, then add the batting piecer and then place the first of the 3 pink squares in the same size from lighter to darker pink.

Align well with the previous square.

Add the last square.

Now draw diagonal lines starting from the centre at 5/8 inches intervals.

Use a pen that will self erase.

Now pin all layers together.

Stitch along the lines using matching thread. I choose to use light pink.

The stitching is done.

Take a pair of scissors and making sure you only pick up the last two layers, start cutting through the middle of each section as per picture.

Make sure your cutting line is straight.

The texture is done. You can now just “comb” the texture to the sides vigourously to lift it up.

You can use a bit of steam from your machine and your hand to raise the texture more.

Heart layer

Now let’s do the heart layer.

Download and cut out the shape. Pin to the centre of the top square.

Cut out the shape.

Whether you choose to use the more raised texture.

Or the flatter one, place the heart piece on top of the texture and pin.

With a pair of scissors make some small cuts around the curves.

Just a tiny cut.

Now turn fabric inside and baste around the heart. Use a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Top stitch around the heart shape.

The heart is done.

Time to self bind the potholder:

This one minute video shows how to self bind a quilt.

The potholder is done!

And here you have some closeup of the texture.

It works well with 2 layers but a third one would have worked well too.

Another closeup.


  1. your tutorials. So informative and visually great photos too. Especially when I’m still new to sewing
    Thanks .Deborah.


  2. You always have the greatest ideas! I wish I had your imagination, but since I follow your blog, I guess you can do it for me….lol. Thanks for always having fascinating, useful posts.

    xo Linda


  3. Hola, me llamo M,Jose .Me gusta mucho su blog. porfavor podria poner un traductor .Me encantaria saber lo que dice.Muchas gracias y Un Saludo


  4. I will do this for my mom’s fidget quilt to add texture. This is perfect. Thanks for sharing.


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