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Farmer’s wife quilt sampler – Blocks 42 to 46

I have so far completed about 46 blocks of the Farmer’s wife quilt sampler. Homemaker is on the back burner currently until I can produce a reasonable block.

More information about how I am making this quilt.

View all the blocks I have done so far.

Fruit Basket

Garden Path

Gentleman’s Fancy

Grape Basket

Hill & Valley


  1. Oh wow. These are amazing. I am a total beginner when it comes to quilting and I am on my 6th block towards a quilt as instructed by a magazine subscription called The Art of Quilting. 42-46 is a very long way off for me but I am truly grateful for your inspiration. I can see how addictive it would get! 🙂


  2. Love what I see here, I have been quilting sense I was 9, yep I am 65 now and love it all, I would much rather hand and Embroidery, but like to try all,,you take care, HUGS and Cheers angeljeanne (jeanne) xo


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