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Farmer’s wife quilt sampler

My plan: making a Queen size quilt using the Farmer’s wife quilt sampler book. I’ve never made a quilt that large or with so many complicated blocks with small pieces. The thought of quilting it at the end is pretty daunting. I’ll be looking at quilt as you go type of methods. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to share it.

If you run into problems or would like to share your ideas, progress, and the like, there is a Yahoo group on the Farmer’s wife quilt sampler and a Facebook page called Let’s make a Farmer’s wife quilt you can join.

There is also a Flickr group with lots of pictures.

The project can be done totally out of scraps. The blocks are 6 in x 6 in.

I’m piecing by machine and cutting with a rotary cutter using templates printed on paper only when absolutely necessary. I am using a template chart (pdf) I downloaded from the Yahoo group. The file lists all templates and the rotary cutter substitution. I also use an Australian quilting ruler called Westalee which helps cutting more accurately.

Attic Windows

Autumn Tints


Basket Wave

Big Dipper

Birds in the Air




Broken Dishes

Broken Sugar Bowl


Butterfly at the Crossroads


  1. Most of my quilts are quilt as you go. Have tried multiple methods and now only use one. Would be glad to give more information if you like.


  2. Ramona, I´d be interested in having more information about the quilt as you go methods you´ve used, that´s for sure. I´m still half way there but I´ve been wondering for a long time how I´ll quilt it in a regular machine.


  3. Georgia Bonesteel has a Utube clip on quilt as you go. The quilting doesn’t go to the very edge of the block with this method, but the edges are completely enclosed when you are done.


  4. I have the same project. I am so glad I found you! This will be awesome to share with you and others with this project. I just finished up a Raffle quilt for the Guild I belong to. I am looking forward to starting the Farmer’s Wife. I have family issues going on right now so it’ll be awhile before I get going full speed. This will give me inspiration! thanks for sharing! Julie 🙂


  5. Leah Day also has a YouTube Quilt-as-you-go demo. This one uses sashing – which you would have for the FW anyway. Just don’t cut the sashing until you watch her video.


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