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  1. You are amazing!! I LOVE EVERYTHING that I’ve seen you create and I’m being really serious! I can’t remember being this impressed for a VERY long time! Your softies, your tote bags (embroidered and not), your quilt patterns on Craftsy, all of it is so to my liking. I wish we could meet because I think we would get along great! I subscribed to your YouTube videos and have signed up for your emails. As soon as I have some extra money I’m going to Etsy and buy, gosh, I don’t know but,I KNOW there will be things I’ll HAVE TO BUY! I consider myself a quilt “connoisseur” and you definitely bring out the Ferrari in me… LOL! Let’s just say you are up there with Jinny Beyer! I hope you read my post because I really like your quilting style! I tried to bookmark your page but, for some reason it wouldn’t work. I’m just really glad I found you… You are most definitely inspiring!! I LOVE your (I believe) seasons of love (?) quilt patterns. And you’re great with hexagons! I guess you can tell that I really like your aesthetic values cuz they’re very similar to mine. I would very much like to be able to communicate with you. And no, I’m not some kind of crazy person trying to stalk you. I will definitely keep up with your blog! I’m just curious- how long have you been quilting? Have you considered writing a book? Have you written a book?! I hope I haven’t freaked you out. Like I said at the beginning, I think you have an amazing and very unique talent! I’m running out of adjectives so I guess I’ll stop here. Just keep doing what you’re doing! You can’t lose!!!


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