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Video tutorial join the binding ends of your quilt

I’m self taught so for a long time I had no idea how to join the ends of the binding in a neat way. Learning how to do it properly made a big difference.

Learn to join the ends of the binding

Learn in one and a half minute:


  1. Thanks you Teresa.
    I also love your two colour binding, when finished it give a piped effect. Great idea. L


  2. Sorry, but this method is much too cumbersome and leaves a lump at the joint, not to mention that it involves a a ruler and pencil!

    All that is needed for a smooth joining is two (2) straight pins, period.

    If you contact me Teresa, I would be happy to send you instructions, with pictures, for every step.

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  3. I press open too usually and trim the corners off. I don’t worry too much though because I don’t enter any competitions or exhibit my quilts. Basting would certainly help because sewing with that much space to manoeuvre can be tricky.

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