Quilt designs on the drawing board

Get the tutorials and the downloads for the tutorials that I’m currently working on:

Medallion quilt and other designs with the same shape

Leafy medallion quilt

Colourful medallion quilt

Leafy medallion quilt – version 2

Leafy medallion quilt - version 2

Wheat spikes

Wheat spikes quilt

Double accordion

Double accordion quilt

Leafy medallion version 2

Medallion quilt version 3

Cross roads

Crossroads quilt

Crossroads variation

Crossroads version 2

Dashed lines

Leafy medallion

Dashed lines 2

Colourful medallion quilt

Doubly striped half square triangle quilt

Quilt design - Easy block tutorial - from fabric strips to quilt block

Whirlwind block: 1 block 2 quilt designs

The next two quilt designs are used with the same foundation paper piecing block.

Whirlwind quilt

Accordion quilt

Accordion quilt

Whirlwind quilt

Whirlwind quilt


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