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From strips to quilt block

Learn how to make this block in just over two minutes:

Learn in just over 2 minutes and see how many quilt layouts yo can make with this block:

Playing with stripes:

Rail fence block


Rail fence variation block

Quilt patterns

Disappearing pinwheel sampler quilt

1 video tutorial, 16 Half Square Triangles (HST), 16 different blocks, 1 quilt sampler

Twirly whirly quilt tutorial

Watch a 2 minute pinwheel block video tutorial:

Fabric manipulation

How to make an origami pinwheel quilt block (1:30 minutes)

How to make an origami flower quilt block (3 minutes)

Learn in 3 minutes how to make this origami flower block:

Disappearing quilt blocks

Disappearing Half Square Triangles

Disappearing shoofly block

Double disappearing 9 patch (just over 2 minutes)

Disappearing 9 patch with pinwheels block (2:13 minutes)

Disappearing 9-patch block variation block tutorial (1:37 minutes)

Disappearing hourglass patchwork block (2:02 minutes)

Disappearing 4 patch block (1 minute)

Disappearing 4-patch variation block  (1:27 minutes)

Disappearing 9-patch patchwork block (50 seconds)

Disappearing pinwheel block – 11 variations (1:47 minutes)

Traditional blocks

Bow tie block

Buzz saw patchwork block (1:50 minutes)

Hourglass block (56 seconds)

2 minute pinwheel patchwork block – video tutorial  (1:55 minutes)

Watch how to make a buzzsaw quilt block in (2 minutes)

Modern blocks

Road to Tennessee block (2:02 minutes)

Doubly striped Half Square Triangle or 3 dudes patchwork block (1:29 minutes)

Half and Half Square Triangle quilt block (2:07 minutes)

Quick and easy whirlwind block (47 seconds)

English paper piecing (EPP)

Hexagons (3:11 minutes)

Foundation paper piecing

Video tutorial: foundation paper piecing for beginners: whirlwind block  (3:49 minutes)

Foundation paper piecing: Pinwheel block  (3:49 minutes)

 Video tutorial: Chevron block – beginner level

Other sewing

How to make a Patchwork Christmas tree ornament (3:17 minutes)

How to make a tablet holder or beanbag (4:44 minutes)

Make this stand using the leg of a pair of jeans and a pretty button or other embellishment. Watch  this short 4 minute video to learn how to make it.

Video tutorial: Shell smocking (3 minutes)

Patchwork tips and techniques

Video tutorial: How to Quilt as you go (QAYG) (3:11 minutes)

The finished sashing width for this project is 2 inches but it can be adjusted to a wider or narrower sashing. Learn the technique in 3 minutes:

Video tutorial: Self binding a quilt or using the back of the quilt to make the binding

8 Half Square triangles (HST) at once

Dear Jane blocks


  1. Hi Teresa,
    Love your videos. So simple and understandable. I wrote a post about your Road to Tennessee video and shared it on Quilting Focus – a quilting directory website – and linked it back to you here and to your YouTube channel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, I am new to quilting. you make it look so easy and fun. Loving your demos. I saw a bit on your blog about colour. Any more advice on that tricky subject. I know what I like but if I put them together it is a riot, and not the quiet sit in type. Love your work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Jilly. That’s great!

    Colour is tricky, you’re right.

    I don’t follow a rule to select fabrics and colours.

    If you don’t feel very confident you can use complementary colours.

    There’re some tools out there to come up with colour schemes such as Kuler You can use kuler to play around with colour schemes and learn what feels right and harmonious.

    When I started quilting I remember I used to pick the main fabric I wanted to use and look at the colour chart for the fabric on the selvage. That chart helped me choose other matching fabrics based on that colour chart.

    Also keep it simple for the time being using just 2 or 3 simple fabrics and a neutral background colour: black and white, black, white and red, blue and orange, green and red.

    Also tone on tone fabrics may be easier to use than heavy print fabrics. Or mix tone on tone with heavy print fabrics.

    It may help to look closely at a quilt you like and analyse why you like it. Is it the colours, the fabric print, the layout, the fabric combination, etc.

    It’s all about trial and error and about what you like.

    Good luck.


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