Embroidery projects

Raw edge machine appliqué

Follow me napkins



Sweet Christmas tray cover

Embroidered Christmas tree 

Père-Noël zigzag quilt tutorial


Designer fabric embroidery – iPad slipcover with strap

Reversible tray cover using improv piecing and embroidery

Napkin embroidery

French cuisine embroidery tea towel

Embroidered spare toilet roll holder

Love is the answer… hot water bottle cozy tutorial


Embroidered eye mask tutorial

Charm squares and embroidery tote bag

Fabric keychain with embroidered flower

Embroidered hot water bottle cover


  1. WowI I did not realize you had embroidery tutorials. They are really nice I know everyone appreciates all you do and the time it must take to share these with us. Thanks for giving of your lovely work.

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