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Make 8 Half Square Triangles (HST) in 2 minutes

This is just one of the blocks you can do with 16 half square triangles (HST) but the possibilities are endless.

For this tutorial I start with 5 inch squares, which gives you 2 inch HSTs, but you can start with any size square.

You will need to trim the resulting HST to size afterwards.

Here is a 2 minute video showing you how to make 8 HST at once:

Example blocks with 8 HST

Example blocks with 16 HST in 3 colours

There are many more blocks you can do with HSTs. A quick Google search will confirm that.

Easy 2 minute pinwheel quilt block tutorial


This week I want to show you a beginner’s quilt block.

I used this block to make a pinwheel quilt. The block is so quick and simple to make you could have a quilt top made in a weekend.

To make it even easier I used 2 charm packs for the pinwheels.

The full quilt tutorial will be coming soon.

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