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Quilting tips – Turnabout patchwork QAL

Have you made your fabric choice?

I’m using an old collection called Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket for my Flying confetti that’s no longer available. I also chose to use a variety of fabrics rather than following the pattern to the letter.

I can make some fabric recommendations that I think would work well for this quilt.

I love Valori Wells Murmur collection. And I love anything Bonnie and Camille. And to honour the name of the quilt, what about the Metallic Ombre Confetti fabric collection by V and Co,

So today we’ll start cutting the pieces to assemble the blocks.

Follow the instructions on page 16 of Turnabout Patchwork. Simple quilts with a twist to make the blocks.

I’ve made a video with some tips to help you make the quilt.

Quilting tips

Chain piecing, pressing, pressing, trimming half square triangles.

Pressing your seams open or to the side? That is the question!

I mostly press my seams open but sometimes I press to the side.

In my video tutorial I’m pressing to the side but feel free to press your seams open. Use a small stitch length to avoid the stitching showing when the quilt is stretched on a long arm frame.

There are many reasons why some quilters prefer one method over the other. Often it goes back to how they learned to quilt.

Some of the reasons to press to the side:

  • If you want to do stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.
  • If you wish to submit your quilt to a show that requires your seams to be pressed to the side.
  • It’s easier and faster.
  • It’s easier to match point by nesting seams.
  • It may make seams stronger.

On the other hand pressing your seams open produces much flatter seams and thinner seams that are easier to quilt by hand.

It’s up to you which method you use.

If you have any experience or opinion about how best to press your seams please leave a comment.

What’s next?

Cut all your pieces, and make all the HSTs and get ready for next week to put it all together.

QAL schedule

Have you missed any Turnabout patchwork QAL tutorials?

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  1. If you’re going to press the seams open, you need to use a small stitch length for the patchwork. Otherwise, when the top gets quilted (especially on a long arm), the thread becomes visible when the quilt is made taut for basting or when it is loaded on the frame.

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  2. My computer wouldn’t let me click on “Comments” so I shall comment this way.

    I ironed my seams open on a flag wall hanging. I told the quilter I wanted quilting to make it look like the flag was waving. When I picked it up, she told me that since I had sewn the seams open, she couldn’t quilt it the way I wanted. She had quilted ¼” away from the seams. I was very disappointed and wished she had called me first.

    I had read that it is your choice how you press them.


    Rita Carter


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  3. Hi Rita, it’s true that for quilt in the ditch you should press yo the side. A long arm quilter told me that too. I should that to the post. Thank you for reminding me.


  4. I use the default stitch length in my machine and my long arm quilter hasn’t had any issues with my quilts but I’ll add the info to the post. Thank you 😊


  5. Hi, love your tutorials and follow you on Facebook. On hst, for me it depends on the size and how many will be intersecting each other. I always press hst open on 2.5” or smaller. I save a lot of the flying geese cut offs or other cut offs of hst to make a smaller version of something.
    Thanks for your tools list. I too have two Janomes, one portable and one stationary MC6300. Love them both. I was also glad someone besides myself uses Connecting Threads thread.
    Thank you for all you do especially on the tutorials because you show through a visual what’s to be done which can help people with hearing disabilities

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m playing along, but a smaller version (just 9 blocks). I got a little carried away and sewed the top together. And then remembered you were going to show how to QAYG without sashing. So I now have another quilt on the go. LOL

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