Microwave bowl cozy – video tutorial

Microwave bowl cozies are so handy! I have one at work and a couple at home. And I use them almost every day.

They make great Christmas gifts and they’re perfect gifts for teachers.

Use 100% cotton fabric, thread and batting so it doesn’t burn in the microwave.

So far I’ve been using it for 2 minutes at a time and it’s been great. No more burnt hands.

And it’s easy to wash too. Go on, make yourself one.

How to make a microwave bowl cozy

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  1. These are so wonderfully handy to keep from burning your fingers!! I made them several years ago for Christmas gifts, along with some for plates (just a bit larger with shallower “darts”).

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  2. I’ve made hundreds of these over the years and sell them at craft shows. They are quite a hit and my best selling product! I also make a larger one from 12″ squares that work well for small casserole bowls.

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  3. If, when you are sewing the two final pieces together, you sew all the way to the end of the seam and off- turn the square in the direction you are sewing next, fold towards you the seam allowance you just sewed, start sewing the next seam right from the edge and again off, repeat the fold- you will find the corners will be absolutely crisp angles when you turn it inside out.

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  4. I love these. I just gave a set to a friend for her 5 yr. old. I doubled the cotton batting tho to make it sturdier. It also holds it’s shape going thru the wash. ๐Ÿ™‚ – New subscriber to your YouTube channel. – Thanks for the videos.

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  5. Shes amazing ! Dont know she keeps sane. Other do more quulting! She doesnt stop to breathe! Her new book is fantastic! Its a must have ..her work keeps me sane.. She does make it simple and take deustration out of the. She makes wceryrhing fun!**


  6. Please excuse my smartphone it didnt Recoqnize correct spelling ! When type it! I follow you on instagram, fbk, YouTube.and now your blog!


  7. Thank you for sharing this. I received one as a gift and am following your tutorial to make some as gifts to pass on to friends.


  8. Hi there, just trying out your pattern. Find I don’t have 100% cotton batting. I have 100% polyester..Is there anything I can use?? I have 100% cotton material I could use if you think it would work. Thank you.
    Love the pattern. Gerrie

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  9. 100% cotton is better but you could do a test with the materials you intend to use first. That’s what I did with the metallic fabric. It’s just fine for the time I use the bowl in the oven which is 2 or 3 minutes at a time. I suspect the gold paint is plastic. Plastics don’t burn in the microwave so there may be other materials that are ok too.

    I test my materials by putting the microwave on in increments together with a bowl of water or other liquid as it’ll be used. If the material remains cold that’s a good sign and I keep adding heating time.


  10. That was the worst tutorial in the history of sewing. Try going faster! We missed half of it the first 6 times we tried viewing it with no option to have it slow down *eyeroll*


  11. George, I watched this simply to see what was so wrong with it and have come to the conclusion you are just being rude. I can see how to do it from one watching, but if it’s too fast for you why not just use the YouTube settings cog to slow it down to where your brain can keep up. The option IS there for you.

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  12. Excellent video! I love quick and easy sewing videos that I can watch fast to see if I understand how to do it or if it’s what I even really want, then I can go back to pause each step. Thank you


  13. Great tutorial and lovely project!! Many thanks! – What kind of needle is everybody using to get through the tick layers? I was not able to easily go around to stopstitch. Any suggestions?

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  14. Hi Eva, I use an embroidery needle but it could be the machine rather than the needle where the problem is. To solve that problem cut your batting 1/2โ€ – 1โ€ smaller so when you top stitch your seams arenโ€™t as thick. In that case you can quilt your quilted squares a bit more before cutting the darts.


  15. Well, just use to reheat not to cook. Iโ€™ve used it to heat up stuff for 4 or 5 minutes without issues.


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