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Video tutorial: Hidden wells technique – two blocks with 7 strips

This technique was developed by Mary Ellen Hopkins in 1989 for her Hidden wells quilt. It can be done with a different number of strips in different or equal widths.

How to make a Hidden wells block with 7 strips

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Video tutorial: 7 strip Hidden wells quilt blocks


  1. I’ve cut the strips to your measurements but how is it square? I laid the first piece down and turned too pice around following your tutorial and the top piece is wider so not square at all . What am I doing wrong

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  2. After sewing the strips together, measure the height and use that measure to cut the square.


  3. Thank you so much for the tutorials as I look forward to them. I was wondering if you or someone reading this note might know if there is a way of pausing the clip so the viewer can study or make note of a possible layout one is interested in. If so, I would love to know how. Thank you.

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  4. You certainly can pause the clip. You can also play in slow motion. Look for the play button at the bottom of the video. To play in slow motion you’ll find a little cog on the right hand side of the player. Click and adjust.


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