3D block 3D quilt patchwork quilting sewing strip block tumbling block video tutorial

Video tutorial: tridimensional effects for your quilt

This tutorial is for making 2 favourite 3D effects.

Both effects are quite straight forward and use no Y seams.

How to make quick and easy tumbling block and a 3D hexagon

The tumbling block technique, developed in 1987 by Marci Baker, is available in the book ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks … and More! and the pattern Playing with Blocks for purchase.


You will need a 60 degree ruler or a square ruler with a 60 degree marking or my 60 degree ruler template (pdf).

If you plan to cut at 60 degrees a lot you may consider investing in a 60 degree ruler.

How to use your square or rectangular ruler as a 60 degree ruler

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2 Tridimensional effects for your quilt
Video tutorial: No Y seams tumbling blocks - easy quilting

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  1. I love love love this tutorial! You make it so easy and quick! Seeing the end result of a completed quilt would be helpful too. Thank you!

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  2. Appreciate the lesson on ways to use the ruler. I never take full advantage of its usefulness. Thanks for making the tumbling blocks so easy. Might take it on now. Love tridimensional look.

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  3. I love to watch your tutorials. I’m fascinated with tumbling block but looked so complicated and with some many possible non matching seams, I just could not fathom ever trying. You are very inspirational and I always enjoy the upbeat music…thank you so much! Your posts make me smile. I watch and marvel at everyone!!

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  4. I did the tumbling blocks quilt for my 13 year old grandson a few years back. The pattern I had used the diamond shape. I am anxious to try this pattern…it sounds so much easier!!

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