60 degree ruler template 60 degree triangle block beginner quilt block easy quilt block hexagon sewing video tutorial

Video tutorial: 3 strip hexagon quilt blocks

Video tutorial:3 strip hexagon quilt blocks

This is a tutorial for to make a hexagon quilt blocks made out of 6 equilateral triangles. This is an easy quilt block.

Download a 60 degree triangle template (pdf) or learn to cut  60 degree triangles with your regular ruler.

If you plan to cut at 60 degrees a lot you may consider investing in a 60 degree ruler.

How to make hexagon blocks

Learn to make these hexagon blocks in 2 minutes:


If you like hexagons, you can make this beautiful hexagon quilt.

Hexagonal Dream quilt pattern - quick and easy quilting

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  1. It’s quite easy. Sew your hexagons in half only. Then sew the halves together in strips. Join the strips together ensuring the halves match.

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  2. I have sewn the two inch strips together and cut out but the template is bigger than the material. Do I need to leave 1/4″ for the seam allowance?

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  3. It’s bigger yes. Just treat it as a regular ruler. Align the top of the template with the top edge of the fabric.


  4. Thank you for your very informative and easy to understand videos. They have given me confidence to make these into quilts for my Grandchildren.
    I am a big fan of tumbling blocks and hexagons.

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  5. Happy to hear that Helen. I hope you enjoy making the quilts. I’d love to see some pictures when you finish 😊


  6. Hi – I would like to make an unfinished 12.5″ Hexigram Candy Corn Sq. What size do the sections need to be to have the center to center across the middle be 12.5″ and then I will add Corners to it to make it a square. I hope you can help me. THank you

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