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French cuisine tea towel embroidery free pattern

Kitchen towel size

32 x 22 1/2 inches. For a different towel size increase or decrease the pattern below when printing.


Embroidery stitch: stem stitch (stem stitch video tutorial – link will open in another window)

Download pattern

The download files print as 3 separate pages that need to be trimmed and taped. You can adjust the output percentage if your tea towel is smaller.

Align the text well and tape together.

Trace the text on white cotton fabric.

Size of embroidery: 25 1/2 x 8 inches.

Important: There is a spelling mistake on my embroidery (ile flottante is supposed to have a double t). This has been corrected in the download patterns.

Floral bottom strip
Cut a strip 25 1/2 x 5 inches. Pin to the embroidery.

Red strip
Cut a red strip 25 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. Pin to the embroidery.

Stitch both strips and place over the kitchen towel.

Iron with the seams open.

Placing panel on kitchen towel

First make a small 1/4 inch fold on each side of the panel and iron well.

To place the panel, fold the floral fabric in two, align the folded edge of the floral fabric with the edge of the tea towel and pin to the tea towel. This will make the tea towel longer by 2 inches or so.

The shorter sides need to be folded in as well to match the width of the kitchen towel before you fold the floral fabric over (see picture).

Stitch on the seam line between the embroidery and the floral fabric and then again at the very edge of the red strip.


  1. I’m sorry I have to point a mistake : it is ” île flottante ” with two T in the middle… (I’m french)

    But I find this is a very good patern idea !


  2. Jub, you’re right. Thank you for pointing this mistake out. As much as I looked at it for mistakes I didn’t realise about the double tt. I’ll correct the download though it’s a bit late for my own tea towel… Sigh…


  3. Don’t worry, it will make your towel absolutely unique, as nobody will have the exact same text !!! ^^

    (and I don’t think many people will see that, it’s only because I’m french. I like to take a look at foreign blogs, it’s so fresh)


  4. It will certainly make it unique! I’m more worried about people who have downloaded the pattern already. Oh well, like you say, few people will notice.


  5. This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing! And please, send thoughts to the embroidery fairy as I try to better my skillz ;P


  6. Would flour sack towels work for this project as well? I have a few of them left over, and I would love to have something to do with them.I love the border with the blue stripes and yellow and pink polka dot pattern. Where did you get the fabric for that? Thanks for the great tutorial.


  7. You can probably use flour sac towels for this project. I don’t see why not.


  8. can you show how you do the stitches? they look very nice i have the main concept on how i just need alittle guidance in technique….


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