iPad slipcover sewing tutorial

4 handmade iPad sewing tutorials

Originally made for the first iPad, these accessories will fit all iPads.

Carry your iPad, use your iPad in the back seat of the car, or watch a movie/read a book without holding the iPad.

  1. iPad slip cover with wrap around pocket tutorial. This slipcover opens to the side and has a wrap around pocket.
  2. iPad  beanbag tutorial. Watch a movie in bed, or at your desk, read a book without holding the iPad.
  3. iPad holder for the car tutorial and pattern. If your car has an armrest/storage compartment between both seats, this iPad holder is for you. The holder scan also be used behind each seat.
  4.  iPad slipcase with pocket tutorial. iPad slipcover with front pocket.

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  1. Thank you for posting these! I have a Nook tablet & I’ve been looking for some way to prop it up while reading. I can’t wait to make this!


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