Eleven free Christmas sewing tutorials

Patchwork Christmas tree softie tutorial

Patchwork Christmas tree project


  • 36 x 2 inch squares
  • fabric scraps for the bottom of the softie
  • polyfill
  • some ribbon
  • fusible interfacing
  • Download Cone shape pattern (PDF)

How to make this patchwork Christmas ornament

Learn how to make this ornament in 3 minutes:

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The fusible interfacing will make the square quite stiff which is ideal for this softie.

Fold the piece in half right side facing together making sure corners match, pin and stitch along the straight line.

Detail of tree showing the stiffness of the piece

Turn the tree inside out and fill with stuffing.

Pin the bottom circle piece to the tree and stitch.

Patchwork Christmas tree tutorial - Christmas ornament

Stitch any embellishments such as bows, stitch little beads, add a felt star to the top.

Patchwork Christmas tree tutorial - Christmas ornament

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Free form patchwork mini quilt – visual creative process

Finished size is 14in x14in.

Almost all pieces are cut using a pair of scissors.

I started the constructions by cutting a long strip and then I cut them in sections at irregular intervals. Then I cut small rectangles to insert in between the larger strip sections.

I stiched all bits together as per (this very bad) photo.

I ironed the strip and cut another white fabric strip.

I stitched the white strip to the colour strip just completed and then I constructed another colour strip and attached it to the other side of the white strip.

I continued to add strips.

I ironed the pieces flat.

And trimmed using scissors.

This is the next major block I constructed in a similar way as the previous section. I stitched two thick and wide blue pieces to a middle red narrow strip. Then I cut across and the resulting pieces were sewn again with another narrow red strip.

I also created another block in the same way as the coloured strips I did at the start.

I placed the pieces on the table to see where they were going…

The white block was too wide so I trimmed it and used the trimmed piece to make the other piece larger so that both pieces could be stitched together.

I stitched both pieces.

I stitched both sections together and started to build around it.

I made a few mini log cabin blocks too.

The bigger the piece the more uneven the sides get.

Square the sides.

Quilt any way you like.

Farmer’s wife quilt sampler III

I have so far completed 35 blocks of the Farmer’s wife quilt sampler.

More information about how I am making this quilt.

View all the blocks I have done so far.

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