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Fabric keychain with embroidered felt flower

Fabric key chain tutorial.

Embroidered flower


  • 2 big flower die cuts
  • 2 small flower die cuts
  • 2 buttons
  • matching stranded cotton

Stitch a button to the centre of each flower and embroider each flower individually.

Stitch both sides together and stuff with a bit of polyfill.

Attach to the keychain as per picture below.


  1. I entertain myself many days by embroidering little things on felt. I no longer teach but I do keep the inschool suspension room. There are times when I need a little something to do so I always keep my felt and embroidery thread there beside my rocker. Thanks for this great new idea. I cannot wait to begin my new project. Genie


  2. Thank you so much! i Love the little key chain and can’t wait to create one. I am so Inspired by this practical and lovely item! i also Love and admire the textured quilt. I think it would also be awesome to adapt some textured blocks to your bag pattern 🙂


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