fabric scraps project free-motion quilting

Reversible turnover quilt

This quilt is reversible.

The finished quilt is 51 in x 45.5 in.

Front of quilt

  • 1 pack of turnovers (Baskets of flowers Turnovers Triangles by Moda) – 80 x 6 inch triangles
  • Plain fabric in cream for triangles, sashing and border
  • Fabric scraps for the back and one yard each of 2 more fabrics

Cut 28 6 inch squares from the cream fabric and then cut the square into 2 triangles.

Place a turnover over the cream triangle and stitch together along the long side right sides together.

Stitch a total of  56 squares using the turnovers and the cream triangles.

Assemble as per the picture below.


Cut enough 2.5 inch strips of fabric in cream and stitch around the triangles.


Make 12 squares using the 24 turnovers left over.

Press with the seam open each square and cut the square across in diagonal.

Assemble the resulting triangles as per picture below, mixing and matching from the other triangles obtained by cutting the assembled turnovers in diagonal.

Stitch across and press open. The square will be 5 inch square.

Assemble border as per picture and using 5 inch strips of fabric in cream.

Back of quilt

Cut 68 fabric scraps rectangles measuring 3.5 in x 2 in. The colours of the rectangles are matching the fabrics on the sides, in this case yellows and greens and blues.

Cut 68 cream fabric rectangles measuring 3.5 in x 2 in.

Assemble as per picture below.

Sashing in between strips of rectangles is 2.5 inches.

Detail of quilt

The quilt sandwich is stipple quilted.


  1. Thank you Nicole.

    The finished quilt is about 51 in x 45.5 in. You can do the math, the turnovers are 6 inches, then the small border 1.5 in wide and the border 5 inches.



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