iPad slip cover with wrap around pocket tutorial


  • 3 different fabrics in assorted colours/designs
  • bias tape
  • velcro
  • a felt pear
  • stranded cotton to match felt or fabric
  • batting

Cut 2 rectangles of fabric and one of batting measuring 25 in x 10 3/4 in for front and back of slip cover. I used different fabric for the inside and the outside.

Cut 1 rectangle measuring 25 in x 8 in, fold in half, and place the pear in place and stitch around.

Press fabric and stitch all over the edge.

Mark where the velcro will be placed in the inside fabric and the outside, place velcro on it, and stitch in place.

Make a sandwich with the large fabric rectangles and place the pocket on top of the side that will show in the outside. Pin in place.

Place bias tape on one side of the sandwich, pin in place and stitch by machine then finish off border by hand.

Fold the rectangle sandwich in 3 and pin in place.

Pin the bias tape around the edges and pin all around.

Stitch in place. Finish off the border by hand.

Back of the iPad slip cover.

Front of the iPad slip cover.

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